My life is great!

I mean, look at what I’m doing this winter:

I’m hanging out in California with good friends and great entertainment such as the one above. That’s footage from our days if Kayaking outside of La Jolla where I’m hanging out right now. We saw three Gray Whales which were epic, but they were a bit too far away for a good shot with the GoPro..

And it doesn’t end there. I’m just about to set off on a motorcycle ride. A big one. I’m going to drive from here in California to Miami or Key West in Florida. Expect to spend a month or so on the roads going through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida. Should be great fun!

The best part is that when I’m not out traveling and having fun, I’m working which is almost more fun to me. Real estate and business is enormously fun!

I’m truly blessed to have the life I want! It’s awesome and I’m very, very grateful for it all!