not for everybody

This blog post. The majority of you people visiting this blog is interested in real estate related information. Then there is the lifestyle. Pretty popular as well. Cars. Popular. Todays subject, horses. Not so much..

Still. That’s what we are talking about today. I was on some competitions called “Champion of The Youngsters” on Grevagården outside Skövde, Sweden. After it finished I made a video of some material I had gathered. And then..


That’s my third video making it in to Swedens major horse magazines. Pretty cool. The reason would be a hungry market that needs feeding. I have done lot’s of better videos about cars, business etc. not making it so far. It’s all about supply and demand. That’s why I built Equobiz. It’s not done, not perfect and haven’t grown that insanely yet. But it will. Because there is a demand for it and I’m the only one trying to fill an obvious gap in the market.

Here is the video: