A tribute to my bank

My bank is Handelsbanken in Falkenberg. Like most banks you will find some sneakiness here as well with a hidden fee here and a hidden fee there, but all in all they are a really good bank. They have a solid economy, they have always given me good financing solutions, I always get a cup of coffee and a pen and I never have to wait very long for whatever information I need. Then there is what is happening right now. Let me tell you.

As of writing this it’s 7:23 am Monday, Sept, 28th. I’m leaving for the airport and then Florida in about two hours and won’t be back in Sweden until Christmas. Last Friday I signed the papers for a new property. A very good one for me that I will tell you more about later. I suppose to get access to it November 1st. Until then I will have to throw in a down payment of 10%. I wanted to do this yesterday using my banks’ internet service, but turned out it was impossible to transfer amounts that big online.. This made for a little dramatic as I need to get going at 9 or 9:30 the latest and my bank office dosen’t upen until 10..

This is why I’m writing this tribute. As I got a bit stressed and nervous I decided to send an email to my banker at 10:30 pm on a Sunday! 3 minutes later I got a reply saying, “be at the office at 9 am tomorrow and I will send someone there to help you out. Have a nice trip!”. Pretty epic service I must say! Super impressed with getting an answer 10:30 pm on a Sunday and equally impressed someone is prepared to go in to the office one hour earlier on a Monday morning to help out.

Well done Handelsbanken Falkenberg!

Enough writing. I haven’t packed yet and I’m suppose to be on my way in 20 minutes. See you again when on American soil again :)



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