29 things that makes me happy :)

I’m 29 years old, so why I figured 29 was a good number of things that makes me happy. I have tried to link most of the things to an earlier blog post, relevant homepage etc. When you are reading this, think about your own list. It makes your life better if you are able to think about and focus on what is good and brings joy. Capish? So here we go, in random order:

1. Taking walks

2. Driving around and looking at real estate

3. Philosophize

4. Travelling

5. Making blog videos

6. Closing real estate deals

7. My Family

8. Adventures

9. Dogs

10. Spending time with bigshot real estate developers

11. My girlfriend (yes, I have one!! :)

12. Nice cars

13. Farming

14. Breakfast

15. Sunset

16. Helping out

17. Getting stuff done on my “To Do” list

18. Swimming

19. Golf

20. Discussing business with like minded people

21. Fresh juice

22. Reading in a hammock

23. Tennis

24. Saturday Croissants!!!

25. People reading my blog

26. People watching my videos

27. Taking a bath

28. Taking photos with my big camera

29. Feeling young and beeing active

And that’s about that. Even though I just realized I could have made the list a lot longer. I probably missed some of my favourites too.. But still, what a good way to get in a good mood, writing a list like this. You should try! I’m off to tackle today’s challenges. Need to get hold of an air conditioner and some appliances for an apartment today.