ordered a drone

Not sure I’ll be able to use it much as I’m usually pretty involved in the action, but still, might make be able to share a few good shots. Ordered it from China (of course) so delivery in a week or so.


Today is another pretty sweet day as the weather is surprisingly good for Sweden this time of year. We played 9 holes of golf yesterday. Played like shit, but nice to get out. Also decided to sign up for a tournament that is hosted on a course outside Falkenberg on Sunday. Should be interesting..

Right now I’m off to take care of some real estate business. I have some vacant apartments at the end of this year so placed an ad yesterday. The market here is crazy. The phone rings constantly and people really have a struggle finding somewhere to live. There is a huge need for rental units. Too bad it’s so hard and expensive to build new ones. Hoping for an ease in regulation that makes new investments a bit more profitable.