Monday (plus!)

Plus, because it feels like more Monday than it has done in a long time now that I have this blog up and running again. Don’t get me wrong. To me Mondays is not a bad thing. I like Mondays and weekdays more in general. Weekends can be nice if there are any cool events going on, other than that I’m more comfortable going about with my stuff when others are at work. It’s also more simple to get something done business wise because people are easier to get hold of when in office. 

 Thanks for stopping by and reading this blogpost. Have a nice monday!! :) 



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  1. Mattias

    Great to see that the blog is back in business :) New layout looks great. Would be very intressting to get some more details on what your future plans are regarding your real estate? You mentined a coming trip to Florida – please give us some more thoughts no this :) And, what are you long term plans for the swedish market etc? Thanks for a great blog,

  2. larsdyrendahl

    Thanks Mattias!

    I’ll give you some updates about future plans shortly. Glad you are back visiting the site!

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