Real Estate inspired video – Canon d7, Tokina11-16

I made a Real Estate Inspired Video while testing my new Tokina lens.

The equipment is getting better and better. Sadly, my filming and editing skills aren’t quite keeping up. But I still love trying to be creative, even though I’m not as gifted as I want to be. Still. Room for improvement makes for nice challenges :)

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The video above was shot in Port Richey, Florida. It’s a pretty run down area with lot’s of abandoned properties and foreclosures. The big recession in 2008 hit really hard all over Florida and it becomes very apparent in some areas, like this one.

Still. A mess like this creates room for new opportunities. Hence my real estate inspired video with some stories on how profits can be found everywhere. Even in places like this.

What is most striking to me is the massive amounts of abandoned commercial properties. (more…)

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About two years ago my buddy Toby told me that videos are the way ahead in internet marketing. He was right on. Today everything is about videos. For me, all…

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