Both of my real estate markets are hot!

I live and work in both Florida and Sweden. These are two very different real estate markets with their own strengths and challenges.

real estate markets

They are both getting sort of hot at the moment. Not perfect in my opinion as this is not good times for buying, my favourite thing to do. However. Not bad either as the value of our properties are going up.


There are a few things indicating hot markets. One: house prices are going up. Two: there are more buyers for every sale. Three: The bidding usually ends way above asking price rather than under. Four: A lot more new places are being built. Five: Relatively bad lot’s are getting sold and built on. Five: Time for a photo.

lot for sale

Six: A lot more renters out there looking for homes. Seven: There is an overflow of “house flippers”. Eight: There are signs along the roads, saying: “we will teach you to flip houses”. Nine: this can go on for a long time..

buildning apartments

I still find it safe. No bubble at the moment. The lack of housing in the real estate markets is a biggie. That drives up prices. Then there is the shaky stock market. Stocks are hard to analyze at the moment, real estate is and always have been pretty straight forward. The result is a ton of money tend to swing from stocks and into real estate. Finally, there is a lot of cheap money available.


I still find it safe to invest in real estate but there will be less bargains out there. If you want to find a lot and build something there are relatively good margains for that at the moment. I might be building a new apartment buildning with 5 units on a lot I own within the next year if things stay the same. Will keep you updated!

Sorry for the long post. Just sort of let it go a bit.. Have a nice day!