I need to ventilate about bank office locations

I know. Who thinks about stuff like that..? Well, I do! Here is what’s wrong with bank office locations. The location! I know this sounds weird, but there is a big issue with this in Europe.


Hear me out. The banks in Europe always put their offices in the best locations in the city centres. These locations can be very beautiful, but they are also expensive and inaccessible. If you have been to European cities you will know that they are usually pretty old and not built for cars. That means clogged streets and lack of parking. Because of this, most shops have now moved out to bigger shopping malls that are easy to access from the big roads and provides plenty of parking. But the banks? Wont move…


Am I wrong, or would it be a lot easier if the banks put their offices where you could easily access them and run in to make your business quick and efficient? Cheaper rent, money saved on parking for the employees and just easier in general. It sometimes feels like banks over here are trying to keep customers out of their offices which is weird to me. No business that exists for anything but their customers should suffocate and disappear.



And that’s that off my chest. Feels good :) Before we wrap todays post up, remember that the days you don’t want to are the days you have to!