Runsten Equestrian Village

Do you want to live in Runsten Equestrian Village?

Runsten Equestrian village is located just 30 minutes south of downtown Stockholm, Sweden. It is an equestrian centre that is being expanded with a whole village. As of today they have built 5 houses from Villa Nordic. Very nice ones. Next is 20 apartments. A deal that I set up. If you are interested in buying one of the apartments, email me. They are also looking at building a school, a business centre and then of course a lot more houses. In total there will be housing for around 120 families.

runsten equestrian village

I have visited the place several times by now and I really enjoy being there. It’s only 30 kilometers from our capital, but still has a very calm rural feel to it.

Runsten Equestrian village is the result of a pretty interesting South African man. Christopher Mcdermot came to Sweden as a refuge during the apartheid. He stayed for a few years, then moved to Irland where he started a pharmaceutical company. It went well and he made good money selling it, giving him funds to start this equestrian centre. He has been providing a lot to the Swedish horse community, and now also to the housing community. When he bought Runsten it was just a normal farm so he had to change the zoning from agricultural to residential. A huge task, giving most counties reluctance to work with private creators. Managing to get this plan through was a huge step forward for him as what used to be agricultural land became lots.

runsten equestrian centre

The lots in Runsten Equestrian village are generously big and surrounded by an Eventing course and paddocks. You will have the opportunity to live close by your horse and in beautiful nature without having a long drive for service.

runsten village

If you are interested in investing or living on Runsten,

feel free to contact me at any time. I’ll help you get hold of a good lot for a better price and I’ll help you get the right builder for your project. My email is

If you want more information, Runsten Equestrian Village has their own homepage HERE