Happy St. Patricks day :)

I’m not sure why, but for some reason, St. Patricks or the feast of Saint Patrick makes me happy. It’s celebrated on the death day of Ireland’s nr. 1 saint, Patrick. It’s a religious celebration that has been official since the 17th century. It’s foremost a catholic event, meaning that people like Filip Hammar who converted are more righteous to take part.

So what do people do? Well. First and foremost. Dress in Green! Then there will be parades and festivals. Then what I think is the reason for its global popularity. Since back in the day, there has been no restrictions on eating and drinking. Not that it matters as much today as it would have in an 18th century catholic Ireland, but still.

Turns out green clothes and excessive drinking is a brilliant way to get the attention of the world as St. Patricks is now celebrated all over the world.

I’m on my bicycle today. I decided to take a small trip that I’ll tell you about later. If I have good progress, St. Patricks will be an axcelent way to end the day. Beer and some inhealthy food on an Irish pub.

I did two cool bike trips yesterday. ONE ON A BICYCLE and ONE ON A MOTORBIKE :)