about interests.

My brother is all about horses. He really enjoys his hobby. So much that he goes out there and spend time with the animals no matter what weather, time of the year or anything. This means he must really like it.


Me. I have the same passion for my business. Most of the time that is. Some periods less. During those “less” periods I usually play a lot of golf. And I really like playing golf. But.. Not at all as my brother likes his riding. I mean. Id never go out in the heavy rain or snow or anything like that. It’s not that fun.


I need at least 15 degrees Celsius and clear conditions to even consider playing. So. I started thinking. What could possibly make me as excited as my brother is about his horses. (besides my business). Is there anything?
I guess the only way to find out is to play around. Eventually you are destined to find what pulls your trigger. The first thing on my agenda is hunting. I have done some hunting at it’s growing on me, little by little. So the next step (in Sweden) is to get an examination which I’m thinking about getting this summer.

What makes your clock tick?