stormy days


We are experiencing some exceptionally bad weather in southern California at the moment. Rain, wind and thunder. All very unusual. It’s been lasting for three days now. That too is very unusual.

As I have a lot of work I want to get done in order to be able to launch a new site I’m working on April 1st, Id say I coped quite well. The only time I’m hurting would be the hours I spend outdoors. Something I try to do at least two hours a day. Walking, rollerblading, running, playing etc.

Sadly this is not the only “stormy” place. I spent some time today getting updated on the situation in Ukraine. Very sad what is going on. By the look of things we might see Russia invade the Crimea region, possibly more, within the next few days. There are also thoughts of dividing the country. I feel with the people and the turnout of events is a disaster. I really hope they find a peaceful solution soon and that Russia stays out of it.