Planning it.

This is not something new. I know. Everybody does it. Me too. But I’m going to do it even more and better!


It’s my buddy Toby, who got me into this. We are both experts at planning and whatever we have planned has always worked out very well. Reason for good results is good research and proper skills when it comes to the actual planning.

So in order to keep me as productive as I possibly can be, I will start planning every single day, week and month to make me perform as good as I possibly could. In doing this I hope to keep a good steady flow of actions that takes me ahead at maximum speed without ever overloading myself with too much work at once and thereby eliminating time to relax, think and make good decisions.

So. I will make sure my days are planned and laid out in the best way possible for reaching desired results. So simple but still very, very powerful.