This week Im spending 100 000 to destroy a garden of mine. Digging down plastics, concrete, sand and gravel hauled here by big trucks.


The job of getting it all to the ground takes 4 days (a few hundred litres of diesel) and ruin a medium size garden completely.

When it’s all done, the water coming out of my private drain gets 20% less harmfull to the enviroment. Isn’t that great? Just sucks it barely makes no diffarence. Farmers fertilize their fields with shit. It all sucks.

This is Sweden at it’s worse. Stupid municipal laws sucking out as much money as possible from it’s habbitants without giving anytging back.

The enviroment loose. I loose. Some ashole emplyed be the government and another at the municipally wins a few more months of sallary for doing nothing but damage..