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I got a press pass for Fiera Cavalli in Verona Italy. A very big equestrian event with show jumping, western riding and lot’s of random horsiness. It’s actually a very cool place to be. And the press pass is treating me well. Free food and drinks. Free access to all different areas and an office […]

election day.

It’s a pretty important day in Sweden. Over the last eight years Sweden has gone from having the worlds highest taxes to being among the best in Europe without loosing anything when it comes to education, roads, railways, healthcare, safety nets etc. During this time they have also decreased the national debt massively. All during […]

Perfect house for a Petrolhead

A good house should also be a garage. At the same time. This estate is right up my sleeve. Perfect place! The house features two bedrooms, three bathrooms, massive living rooms and a 20 car garage. As with most good things, this house is located in USA. West Bellevue, Washington to be more exact. They […]