I got a press pass for Fiera Cavalli in Verona Italy. A very big equestrian event with show jumping, western riding and lot’s of random horsiness. It’s actually a very cool place to be. And the press pass is treating me well. Free food and drinks. Free access to all different areas and an office with super fast WiFi. I like this.

So. The goal with the weekend is to make a summary kind of video that can be distributed through online media like horse magazines and various homepages. To market something like this I just e-mail as many different potential partners as possible asking if they are willing to use the video for some content for their homepage. If things go well, many of them do. If things go really well it then also starts taking off on different online platforms making it a viral success. And that is what you want. Views. Views is PR and views is good for business.

So. I will hang out here today and tomorrow before continuing driving around in my 500€ Yoda. Might head towards Venice or something. Not sure yet.