keeping up to date

Whenever I’m out of Sweden my favourite way of keeping up to date is by following one of Swedens biggest economy papers. I always catch up on things as I’m having my morning coffee. Dagens Industri is as serious as newspapers get at home. They present one of few good alternatives that really brings you up to date business oriented information. It is usually a really good read!


To show you how amazingly valuable information one can get out of reading on their page, I have a few samples of today’s headlines below:

1. A pizzeria in Halland, Sweden had a governmental control aiming to make sure they follow all rules about health, sanitation, environment and more. This ended with disaster! The meat the pizzeria sold as fillet of beef turned out to be water buffalo. Not good..

2. Brooke Martin is a girl from USA. She has invented a machine that connects to your phone. With this machine you can chat with your dog. Amazing! I actually like the idea. I mean, it’s not like you can have a conversation, but you might be able to connect. I managed to get my parent’s rotweiler to sit down through Skype.

3. Swedens new prime minister’s first job was at a post office.

4. Danish goat Bries and Camembert cheeses from Søvind are recalled due to some bacteria.

5. Pilots of Air Canada have porn magazines scattered around in their cockpits. Investigations have stated this is bad for flight safety and pilots will now be prosecuted if they continue having it around.

6. On a more serious note. Our new government is messing Sweden up. Good for us creative business owners who can use their over regulation against them, sad for the country and all hard working people. They announced that they want to remove all profits from welfare. This takes us right back to communism and a lack of choices. Even the socialistic party’s (and Swedens former prime minister) Göran Person dislikes it. With all right’s. Politics in Sweden right now is a sad story. From Europes best performing government to communist’s and racists. Not nice.

7. To finish this whole list of todays top headlines of. Anybody wondered where Kim Jong-Un is? He hasen’t been seen in w while so here follown the top five speculations: 1. He is suffering from chronic gout, which can affect the person who has elevated levels of uric acid in the body. 2. Kim Jong Un weighs around 130 kilograms and has injured his ankles to the point that he was forced to undergo surgery. 3. That he is dead. 4. It’s secretly been a coup in North Korea. Two potential contenders for power have been identified: the nation’s second most powerful person, military Hwang Pyong So and the minister for “homeland security”, Kim Won Hong. 5. Within North Korean it is reported that the leader is suffering from “discomfort”.