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The Oresundsbridge is COOL!

It’s just such a neat structure to look at, the Oresundsbridge. Makes me proud to be Swedish when I see it. The location is cool too. You almost always get a really good view of it as you fly in to Kastrup, Copenhagen Airport which is great. Then you will most likely go over it […]

Driving over Öresundsbron

Öresundsbron connects Malmö in Sweden with Copenhagen in Denmark. It’s one of a few ways to get to Denmark and actually not my favourite. I usually prefer a ferry that goes from Helsingborg to Helsingör. It makes for a lot shorter drive and also gives you 20 minutes on board where you can go shop […]

Sunday Funday

A nice girl in California taught me about Sunday Funday. As I enjoy a good time it soon became a part of my repertoire. Together with the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This Sunday, or Funday if you want, was spent on the other side of the bridge with my Danish relatives. Big […]