the best of Sweden

They build a car called Koenigsegg in Sweden. A very very fast and respectable supercar holding several world records. Among others the most impressive car ticket ever issued. Some say the driver was caught doing just above 400 km/h. Pretty insane.

Id like to say Koenigsegg is one of the best things coming out of Sweden at the moment. The way I feel about the car was captured very well by a Swedish race driver testing cars for a pretty lame motor magazine. I had never heard of the guy before, but I was super stoked to see his un Swedish approach and love for cars reflected very well through the camera.

The guy is called Fredrik Huldt. If you haven’t seen his videos before, search his name on YouTube. Several EPIC videos and great variety of cars tested.

So, down below. A fantastic Swedish supercar tested by an awesome Swedish motor journalist and race driver: