They should be higher!

Swedish houses are too small and in general not very beautiful. I love skyscrapers. They are good looking and makes it possible for a lot of people to live more central. That is a good thing as it makes for a more busy neighbourhood. And that is a good thing because it gives entrepreneurs better possibilities to take advantage of all people living there. That means better services, more bars, stores and restaurants. And that is a good thing, because it would make everybody happier!


For some reason the Swedish government, counties and citizens don’t really fancy big building. They want everything to be moderate which I think sucks. The word moderate makes me want to throw up. It sucks! Go Big or Go Home! All people in our government should be required to spend at least two years abroad before aloud in to any positions that hands them power. They should see other things, learn from other nations and get more educated in other stuff than the Swedish moderation. Politicans..politicians, politikker