Tesla Motors is an awesome company making the most “sellable” electric car in the world. (Model S)


The Model S is very high tech and as you are enjoying yourself in its beautiful interior you are always connected to the rest of the world in several different ways.


If you buy a new Tesla they are kind enough to supply you with 4 years of connectivity. That works well in the USA but not so great in Europe.

If you travel abroad and use your phone to get online it can get stupidly expensive. Same goes for the Tesla’s. As the summer holidays went by Tesla got a bit surprised with the MASSIVE bills that came in after so many Teslas have been driven out of the countries they were sold. I find their surprise ironic. And sad. Mostly sad.

Europe is behind. I have for long wanted some merging or cooperation between Europes biggest phone companies that could bring us some cross continental subscription.

Enough about that. Here is a few hundred thousand from me to you. If you are looking for an apartment and a good deal. Have a look at most centrally located industrial areas and parts of the cities where they plan to enhance public transportation.

And theeeen. I love private jets. They are beautiful and scream SUCCESS. As the business has evolved we have seen several new takes on it. Timeshares, rental’s and stuff. Now there is a new niche. The Irish company Uni Baggage target school kids. Pretty cool. For 300 000 SEK they take young people to the school’s around Britain, Ireland and parts of Europe.

Have a nice Sunday!