Warehouse apartments

They turn out so cool! It’s something that still isn’t as thought about as it should be. So many people are so focused on everything new. They look for lots and free land to create housing. What if that wasn’t the best way?

warehouse apartments



I believe there is a ton of hidden values in existing buildings. Warehouse apartments like the ones in the pictures is one way to go. Finding smaller houses in a good location and adding living space to them another.

A very good friend of mine found a really trashy house for sale. Bought it thinking he was going to restore and sell it. Before he started with anything he looked at what was permitted in the area. Turned out he could take the house down and build six (I think) new apartments on the lot. Did that and profited close to a million USD. Not bad? And nobody else thought about it. I bet you there are hundreds of these goldmines out there if we just have the guts to go do it.