TOP 3.

As the weather here keeps making the summer a lot less pleasant than it could be I’m thinking more and more about where else I want to spend some time. So. Here is a preliminary top three:

1. Croatia:
croaziaA trip to Croatia would be all about pleasure. From what I have heard they have the clearest water in the Mediterranean with tons of nice cliffs to dive in from. Beautiful nature, awesome old cities, great culture and pretty cheap. As the weather gods are treating us like shit here in Scandinavia this summer, I might fly down there during the next few weeks..

2. Japan:
japanI suppose the ideal time to go would be in the spring when all the cherry trees are blossoming, but anyways. I’m very fascinated by this country and find a lot of their culture inspiring. I have also invested a fair bit in Japanese funds as it has been really cheap lately. They got out of their very long recession a few months ago, but growth is still very slow. I therefore believe it would be good to go there and motivate them a bit :) If I do a good enough job Id probably have the trip for free!

3. USA (Florida)
floridaIt hasn’t been that long since I was last there, but I want more. I have pretty much decided to go back over there by the end of September to buy my first American home. There are a lot of good “entry level” investments over there and I can’t imagine anything better than making money in a climate as nice as the one in Florida :)



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