Life in the city. 

I definetly prefer the countryside but if I was to live in the city my choice of housing would be in an area like this:

That is Nissastrand in Halmstad, Sweden. To me, the homes here looks pleasant even when the weather is as bad as today. The reason I like theese modern areas is the amount of life quality that is built in to them. Look at all the balconys, the walk along the river, all places to bee and to hang out. All the windows and light allowed to flow in to the buildings. Creating potential lifequality makes properties a million times more attractive without requiring major investments. I guess what I’mtrying to say is, can life quality be added to your investment? What would adding some nice decks to sit on do? Adding a bigger window? Be creative and think of ways to make your properties even better places to be. The return on the investment will come from tenants increased well beeing and bigger interest from potential customers when selling. A hard thing to calculate on but always worth it somehow. 



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