VLOG6 – A CX-20 Drone with GIMBAL and GoPro

My CX-20 drone with it’s Gimbal dosen’t work very well at all. I couldn’t get it to stop shaking completely. Very frustrating! I think I will get rid of it and buy a newer Phantom instead. I really don’t like having things that I can’t use.

I had to give up on the drone and go help some customers with quick fixes on their proeprties instead. The first place needed temporary hand rails over the summer so I put some pressure treated wood up. The second place has had issues with the new wooden countertop. It has bent as it got in to the warm and dry house. We solved it by turning it over and putting weights in it. Left it like that before going out in the video again to turn it back and glue it.

Anywhooo.. Enjoy :)