World Economic Forum. What is it?

I don’t know if anyone of you care, but today is the final day of World Economic Forums annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. I don’t know why, but for some reason it is all pretty cool to me.

World Economic Forum is a conference where influencial businessleaders, international political leaders and other selected intelectual people gather to discuss the worlds most important topics.

The annual meeting usually brings in about 2 200 participants and focuses on stuff like international conflicts, environmental issues, global economy and poverty. All these discussions are being followed by some 500 journalists.

One of the topics I found most interesting this year was the oil prices. They are all on a record low which benefits me personally, but might hold back the development of alternatives. Or not? Let’s hope not. The reason for our low oil prices is not the global recession, but the supply/ demand factor. Lower oil prices also help undermine ISIS economy as selling oil from occupied oil fields help funding their sh*t.. Another benefit (I think) is that the cheap oil makes freaking too expensive to be profitable. So not as much of that going on..

Anyways.. Enough of me trying to be wise and get an idea of these big picture things.. It’s not my place, but I’m still kind of fascinated about it.. Happy Saturday!