I’m Back! #3

Conclusions. Not that many, but a few that might change a lot.

Nr 1. Plan my time. To make sure I keep making progress and still enjoy myself, I will try to plan even more. I will book trips a while ahead and also plan my days to be just perfect for me. That means making time for a long breakfast where I bang out some computer stuff, a small event each day (looking at properties, going to a meeting, etc.), plenty of time for working out or playing golf and then some social time at night. That’s how I like it and those days are achievable where ever I am.

Nr. 2. Invest abroad. I have been thinking about it for a long time and I’m pretty sure I can make some decent money doing it. First up is Florida. Going there in September to find something appropriate.

Nr 3. Live this blog more. I do love this stuff. It makes me better. I would almost say that it helps forcing me to live the lifestyle I went after when this whole thing started. It is still what I want the most so all good there!

Nr. 4. No. No number four. I think the three are the important ones. I’ll stick to them.



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