About investing internationally

Some information about investing internationally.

I have real estate in two countries, so I have been investing internationally. And I want properties in even more countries, so I might be getting even more international.

investing internationally

As for me, I prefer keeping things real simple. If I’m entering a new market I tend to prefer single family homes that provide a solid cash flow. That to me is the safest way to go. But there are other ways and some of them can probably be an even better investment. But they can also be risky.

I suppose a real win would be to invest in a proper growth market just as it takes off. Doing that can multiply your investment many times over. But those markets might not be places you want to go yourself. For those kind of investments, there might be better ways to invest. I read a fair bit about those type investments here: https://blog.mongolia-properties.com/a-guide-to-real-estate-investing

A cool guide to international investments done in ways that doesn’t require much in terms of your physically being there. Almost the opposite to how I have done it so far. I have actually only invested in places I want to be going to and I think that’s my plan for future investments as well. But I still found that article pretty cool and there were a few points that were very applicable to my way of doing things as well. One of them was to avoid investing in your own name. We didn’t use our own names in Florida and that worked out good. It’s a form of protection.

investing globally

The article I mentioned earlier had a few other points I liked on stocks vs. real estate investments. You should read it. It’s a question I get quite often and they did a good job of explaining the pros and cons of each.

So what’s the conclusion? To me, you have two options. Invest in a place you love and just try to create a solid cash flow while avoiding as much risk as possible or throw yourself out there and invest in something risky but with huge potential return. Places that have that kind of growth doesn’t usually stay great forever and they are rarely places us western people are interested spending time in as we have gotten more used to somewhat solid governments. But it could still be a fun ride if you afford to take the risk.

global property investments

And that’s about all that I had to say about investing internationally for now. If you want to read more, check out: