Sweden VS. USA

Good in Sweden: A strong and stable economy with low transaction costs.
Good in USA: A strong and stable economy with low to moderate transaction costs.

Bad in Sweden: Moderate to low yields, extremely pro-tenant market and high rental income tax.
Bad in USA: Yields are moderate to poor, complicated tax system and a pro-tenant rental market.


That’s all the professional stuff, but there is more to it. Competition is harder in the USA, banks are tougher and financing more expensive. There is also a lot more “fishy” business going on and the bureaucracy is really difficult and inefficient. Sound terrible? It is!

Sweden transformed thanks to our previous governments and is now one of the best countries in the world for business. The system is efficient and easy, the economy is well monitored which eliminates croocs and the stable market motivates the banks do business with serious players. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

So which do I like better? Well. The stability and well functioning system in Sweden has let me set up a great cash flow from good properties that are easy to own. The craziness and millions of opportunities in the land of dreams motivates me. Taking part of the game over here makes me feel like a movie star. I do really think the USA is one of the best countries in the world and I love the general understanding of how important business is to keep a national economy going.

I love them both. I really do. And just because I know that one can do whatever he wants, I’m getting both :)



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