This really cool friend of mine, Andreas Lundblad

Andreas Lundblad is this friend of mine that sort of does what I do, but differently.

We are the same age and went to the same high school at the same time. That didn’t help us become friends too. One of my houses did. He contacted me some 10 years after we graduated and said that he had read some stuff on my homepage and thought we had similar ideas about life. Thanks for reaching out Andreas. You have added a lot of good to my life!

andreas lundblad

As he was an athlete that spent most of his time out running or skiing so normal jobs didn’t really work out. He needed other ways to make money and figured real estate might do the trick.

I had four houses at the time. Two one-family houses and two bigger houses with apartments in them. Andreas bought one of the bigger ones from me. He still owns it, has made it a lot better and also added another property to his portfolio.

We have remained good friends and we still stay in touch even thou he spends most of his time in the Swiss alps while I’m in the US. Hearing from him is always great and I also like asking him questions as he tends to have different but interesting answers. I’m not sure if I have ever met someone who is so well connected to their emotions, but still able to make rational decisions about what they feel.

I browsed his homepage yesterday and figured that I should endorse it, because I really like it. He is a good writer that shares a lot of interesting stuff. It’s inspiring. Things about workouts, houses, travels and life in general.

His homepage is here: ANDREAS LUNDBLAD – Life is about collecting true stories your grandchildren will never believe. –