I’m writing a real estate book! Or something..

Not sure if it will end up being a document or a book, but it will be good! I have started writing on a complete guide to a real estate investment. A guide that shows you how to buy a property that makes you money. What to buy, how to buy it, how to finance it and everything that matters when you want to do a deal.


Get this right and buy a property that makes you money. Then another one. And a third one, fourth one, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and a tenth property. You will be making bank.

The logic of it is super simple. The mental part of the game is harder. Most books keep going on and on about how to set your brain up so successful, but no one does it better than Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich. Please read that book!

I then decided to overcome your mental challenges of breaking the process of buying a profitable property down to super small and simple steps that takes you all the way as safely as possible.

Here is an example of how easy I’m aiming to keep it:

There are several different kinds of properties to invest and they all have different pros and cons. The easiest one for a new investor is a single family home, so we are going to focus on getting you one of those and forget about all other types of investments for now.

I’m writing this new document in order to answer the most common problem people come to me with. Getting started and actually buying a property. The document will be a complete guide that will have you owning a single family house that makes you money. By getting one, you will be able to get several and make your way to big money and a free lifestyle.

I became really passionate about this project so blog and videos are on hold for a while. Sorry! I’ll get back to you with updates on the project soon! All the best!