Our ads – Apartments for rent

Three apartments for rent :)

And another three already rented. This is going well so far! We just want to get good tenants that are in line with what we are trying to accomplish. It’s like we are going for a certain atmosphere. We want a nice beachy, artsy but still a bit upper class kind of feel to it.

The ads for our apartments for rent has been published in the MLS (in-between realtors) and on Craigslist. Seems like craigslist is giving more leads. To ensure good renters we decided to put our own information out there, and if there are potential tenants we like, we send them on to our property manager.

The craigslist ads look like this:

apartments for rent



I feel really good about this project. First one out of Sweden and it turned out both bigger, better and more beautiful than I thought it would :)