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Sorry! I can’t help myself. Tampa Sunset :)

But this is the last few photos. Looking at a Tampa sunset just makes me feel nice. That red glowing sun hitting the Skyscrapers. Very nice :) It probably seems like I’m obsessed with the Tampa Sunset, the Tampa Skyscrapers and Tampa in general, but I’m not! I just like it a ton and it […]

More old Tampa photos

I know I have kept publishing a ton of photos from Tampa even though I’m not there anymore. It just feels so much better. For some reason, having photos of Skyscrapers on my blog makes me feel nice. Because of that, here come another few: And that’s about if, for now.. I know it’s super […]

Skyscrapers downtown are better.

Why? Why is skyscrapers downtown better? Well. I believe a good downtown should be full of people as people makes it more vibrant and alive. By building tall residential buildings you can fit more people on a smaller surface. The result of that is more stores, more restaurants and more of everything within a small […]

Tampa Riverwalk is beautiful!

I know I keep posting stuff and photos from Tampa, but the Tampa Riverwalk in downtown makes me feel nice. Not as nice as the Swedish nature, but still very nice. I guess it’s two different kinds of noise. In the nature, you get them to shut off and think. In downtown Tampa you get […]

Living on the river

I think life might be better there. If you are living on the river you will always have a good view. You will always have things going on (boats, animals or debris floating around) and there will always something that makes your pace a little bit more exclusive than others. To me, it’s similar to […]