Huge leap forward!

I extracted this from Tony Robbins book The Giant Within, 7 Habits of Successful people and a friend of mine. They all emphasise this way of prioritizing that has made me feel even better than I usually do. This has made decisions easier, life easier and my business better. So what is this revolutionary theory that I’m talking about? Well, it’s about time, stress and focus.


Most of us (and I believe this about you too, since you are here, reading my blog) have goals, dreams and ideas about where we want to go in life. To get there we will need to work on certain things that takes us in the right direction. We need to focus on achieving our goals.

Most people don’t do this because it’s a lot easier getting stuck in what’s “urgent”.. That means most people get stressed up as they try to make time for grocery shopping, cleaning the house and taking care of the garden. But then, when it’s done, they don’t even feel good about it.

Start by thinking about where you want to go. Make sure to focus on the tasks that takes you there instead of getting stressed up by all urgent points on your “to-do” list. Without the excessive stress you will sort them out much more efficiently.

So. Stop, right now. Think about what’s important in life, work on that for a little while. Feel the pleasure of your personal development. Bang out some of that urgent stuff when you feel satisfied about a completed step on your achievement ladder.



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