Breakfast meeting

It’s Monday morning. I’m having coffee and fruit while reading up on some news and planning my day.

First off. Stop the hate! Paris and Beirut were awful and my thoughts go to all those affected, victims and their relatives. Sorry I didn’t bring it up sooner. Thinking about it and terrorism in general leaves me with a lump in the stomach…


As always, life continues for us fortunate enough to not be caught up in tragedies like the ones above.

Here are my plans for today:

Picking up my truck that I’m going to take some photos of and try to sell. I have owned it for 6 weeks and I have already had it at the mechanic’s place 5 times..

Making sure our lawyer is done with the paperwork so that we can move on the property we are trying to build. A half acre commercial lot outside Tampa, Florida. Feel really good about this former Rolls Royce shop :)

Hitting the gym.

Finishing up the third chapter and the video I made to promote it. Should be done this week!!

Walking my 10 000 steps.

Going for a swim.

Relaxing, reading, thinking.

Enjoy your day!



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