Do it yourself car wash

This blog is just as much about passive income as it is about real estate or myself. The goal when I got into business was to create a passive income and one of the first ideas I ever looked into was a do it yourself car wash.

I was working, or working.. I was hanging out with my buddy Toby at the time and we heard that one of the most profitable new businesses was a do it yourself car wash. We started by looking for land that we could lease, learned about the actual car wash, checked out some different brands, set up all environmental things that needed to be taken care of, solved cash issues, created some up sells, had it all ready to go, then gave up and went to Brazil for a holiday..

The business looked good but the investment was too big to feel comfortable at the time. We needed to spend approx. $350 000 on the actual car wash that we then installed on leased land. Felt a bit sketchy. But the numbers looked good.

The reason I brought this up now is that I just drove by the land we looked at. Today, seven years later, there is a car wash. Someone ended up making the investment. If you feel like trying the place out, it’s located just next to the INGO gas station on the south side of Söderbron in Falkenberg.

car wash

car wash 2