Business business business

I love the stuff!

Just finished making a video for a big milk producer (read farm) back in Sweden. First step towards my second “biz” site. This one is to be for farms and farmers. Should be good.

As for Equobiz we are building a new super sweet site for the coolest retailer in the country! Maxime Boulet on Eponea AB will take over the market like nothing you have ever seen before.

The real estate is good at the moment. Weather back in Sweden is pretty warm. That means less electricity is being used and that gives me bigger profits. Also have some new stuff in a making.

I have two carpenters out working for me at home as we speak (while I’m having another espresso in a small French café) and then my secretary from The Phillipines who is busy working on a marketing campaign for another site of mine.

I have helped my favourite customers get started with the design and plans for a new luxurious house that I hope will be built next year or so. The first lines are being drawn this week.

I’m discussing and planning two different export businesses. 1 for old cars and rims from Sweden to Dubai and one for wood from Okome Sågverk to Polen.

As for imports. Things are a bit slow right now. There are a few ideas and things being tested right now, but nothing for sure yet. 1 is the self heating coffee. Still having problems with getting the product sellable in Sweden without having to put in a million dollar order. Then there special is fire lighting sort of stick from Polen. I’m having the product tested in Sweden right now. Sent out a few samples and look forward to the verdict. Also have some plans on selling some really good and very cheap Polish “attefallshus” in Sweden.

And that’s about it as right now. But. The fun thing about it all is the the fact that this list might look completely different next week. Business is the shit!