one of many

I have been involved in hundreds of different projects over the last 10 years. Some have been pretty successful, some not so much. For me that’s part of the game. Even a “not so successful” project makes you smarter and teaches you, so that’s all just fine.

But. There are some projects I’m not sure about yet. Projects that I kind of like, even though they aren’t going anywhere. Mostly, I suppose, because of the lack of a clear vision and the time needed to set things off. One such example is a business me and my brother started two years ago. It’s called “Hayman” and is mostly a result of a really cool name my brother came up with.


Our initial idea was to just try and sell hay from the family farm through our webshop. So we built a webshop. Sadly we didn’t provide enough value so nothing really happened and we left it. As of now we don’t really have a plan. What we do have is our cool name and the knowledge that people are doing business with hay. For us to succeed we need something better and more useful to our potential customers.

I wonder if my brother still thinks about this..?

I didn’t for a long time. But as I have spent a lot of time driving around here in California, I see how big the business of selling and transporting hay is. That inspires me. I just don’t know how to use that inspiration to actually create a profitable venture back in Sweden where our business is registered. Hopefully this sort of thinking about it will help spark some good ideas. Think I’ll give it some more time to marinate in my head and then hopefully see it take off.

Sort of weird how you can be so attached to something that is nothing. At least nothing but a cool name..

Today things are back to normal here in California. That means the sun is shining and I got to spend most of the day outdoors. Very nice!