Here is my definition of a businessman.

The definition of a businessman is someone who is fine with failure.

It’s a person who knows that failure is part of progress and that all it takes is one success. Like this cat trying to hit a golf ball. He might miss five times, but get a perfect hit on the sixth try. Since the ball isn’t in play until you hit it, his failures are irrelevant and the results good. He succeeded.

definition of a businessman

I have another good example for you. I came over some statistics about the survival rates of new businesses the other day. Turns out less than one third of all new companies survive more than ten years. That means that anybody who wants to be an entrepreneur has to be willing to start a company three times over in order to get it right. Very few people are prepared to start a business three times over. In fact, the vast majority will give up after their first failure.

I therefor claim that the definition of a businessman is someone who overcomes failure, keeps on going and therefor end up acheieving what he set out to do.

As for myself, there are so many failures that I don’t even know where to start. That said, I have had more success than failure. This is what happens to most people if they are just willing to keep on pushing. There is no way to keep failing without learning something. Eventually you will know enough to make it work. When you make it work, you get success and success is great. Success must be a major goal if you want to be in business.

What do you think? I know you usually don’t bombard me with comments, but if you have any ideas or theories about this, let me know!

Take care, and be a true businessman!! :)