Don’t worry, be happy :) and stay MOTIVATED!

There is this song. It goes “Don’t worry, be happy. And you know what. Nothing is more important!

Worrying is an emotion so strong that it can scare people all the way to the worlds end and then push them over the edge. People, me included, tend to worry about all kinds of stuff ALL THE TIME!

When you worry, your body is telling you something. It’s an emotion and emotions are signals that lets us know something’s up. I don’t believe ignoring emotions is the answer. I think we should listen to them and see if we can figure out what they are trying to say.

If you worry, stop. Stop and think. Why am I feeling worried? Why do I feel like something is wrong? What is it that my body is trying to tell me?

If you can’t find out, try harder. Get out. Go for a walk. Try!

don't worry beach2

When you get it. When you find out why. Make a decision. You are worrying because of uncertainties. You might worry because you are scared of becoming poor. Make the decision that it’s fine to live in the cheapest apartment available, eating noodles. If you are worried about becoming a drunk, make the decision to only drink five drinks a week. If you are worried about dying, make the decision that it’s ok. It’s what God wants. If you are worried about being embarrassed, make the decision that you don’t care. It’s only the people that don’t understand you that will judge you. You don’t want anything to do with them anyways.

Life is good if you decide so. Challenges are easy if you decide they are. When it all comes to it, all you have to do is “Don’t worry, Be Happy!”.