Pretty awsome!

I walked around my block today and found a super sweet construction. It’s a 5 million dollar lot where they are going to build a huge and very impressive house. At least according to the drawings constructor John showed me.



And even thou the house and lot is crazy cool, it’s nothing compared to the car one of the builders drove around in. His old van is brutal.


And putting it next to a construction of a 13 million dollar house being built on a 5 million dollar lot makes it even cooler. Definitely beats the Cayenne’s and big Dodge pickup trucks the rest of the crew drove around in.

Today is Friday. Since I spent most of the day in front of my computer working on stuff, I’ll go to a crappy pub in a dodgy neighbourhood, drink some beer and hang out with locals that won’t ask too many hard questions. Very quiet. Not like the lunch I had with Tobias earlier on today. He is annoyingly intelligent and keeps asking really hard questions forcing you to use your head even more than you would when working.. Hard when you are tired but very very good in the long run.