El Paso, Texas

Just got here. This is a border city in Mexico. On the other side is Juarez. That’s where the drug mafia killed half of the police force and put them in the trunks of cars.. I’m not going there just now. Maybe another time..

So. Last few days have been all about riding. Went from El Centro to some nice place in the middle of the desert in Arizona where I had the best stay so far. Golf course and nice trails. After that I had a very long drive to a small town called Benson. Wild west country. Stayed there and then went to:


Tombstone, Arizona. I have been wanting to see it for a long time watching several western movies in which the city is featured. It was actually really cool and I find the old wild west fascinating and inspiring.

After Tombstone it was 350 miles of nothingness to El Paso, where I am right now. Went on one stretch of road where I drove for 110 kilometers without one single bend before reaching the border to Texas.


I think my next stop will be the city of Marfa that my friend Peter from South Africa recommended :) We are living in a very small world and I love that. Just one potential issue on the horizon. The strike in Norwegian airlines. It’s companies like Norwegian that enables people like you and me to fulfill dreams and I think they rock for building something so big and efficient with small minded Scandinavian unions and politicians constantly working against them as a result of their lack of understanding in our international market economy. Long live Norwegian. Keep on taking over the world!