One of the most trending cars right now is the Tesla Model S. It is an electric car far better than all its rivals making Tesla “the” brand amongst electric car manufacturers.


In lack of competition, Tesla gives up its patents. Elon Musk, founder and CEO, write on the website that the aim is to accelerate the development of electric vehicles in the industry. “We believe that Tesla, other companies that make electric cars and the whole world, benefits from, rapidly evolving technology,” he writes. Tesla is not going to pursue patent battles against someone with no ulterior motive uses the company’s technology, according to Musk.


And about Elon, this 42 year old South African man. When you and me were thinking about what to eat for dinner this guy created PAYPAL, the biggest online money transfer system in the world. That was at age 28. A few years ago he created Tesla electric cars. He has done more for the environment than the whole car industry, governments, climate groups and Al Gore has done together. He is a true hero of our time. In addition to this he is about to revolutionize high speed railway, space travel and intelligent homes.

I think I will have either risotto or soup for dinner, what will you have?