Emotions. What? Why? How?

(wrote this a few days ago)

I’m on a flight from Sweden to Spain. It’s a charter to the sunny island of Mallorca. Not the kind of trip I’d usually go on but my emotions wanted me here so I let them take me.

Now. Here are my basic opinions about emotions. To me they are either warnings or promoters of what we do, think or plan to do. I believe they exist to help guiding us through life. Since positive emotions are nothing but awesome most of the time I haven’t paid them much attention and focused on dealing with negative emotions instead.

I have a feeling (☺️) that being in control of your negative emotions is crucial if you want control over your life. That does not mean you should ignore emotions, but rather learn to read the signals they are sending, deal with it and move on.

Whenever I feel something I stop, think about what that feeling is telling me, think about why and what I can do about it. I then address what I think might be the issue, try to fix it and finally put the emotion away (mentally). If the same feeling remains, I redo the same process again until I have solved the issue.

This knowledge is helping me tons and I bet it can help some of you too. Know that we are not letting emotions make our decisions. We just let them tell us if there is anything we should be aware of. If there is, we acknowledge it, solve it and move on using logic and science. 




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