For your information.

I read in one of our Swedish financial newspapers and found some information about sneaky marketing today. Here are five things that might be good to know:

1. A lot of restaurants put one or a few really expensive options on their menu. Not because they want to sell the most expensive option but to make other options look like better value. It’s used as a reference.

2. When you see advertising with people holding or using something, they usually have them hold or use it with their right hand. This is simply because most of the population is right handed and tend to relate to holding the same product or using the same thing more easily like that.

3. Extreme discounts. Stores use discounts on some products with high margins. These are products that have been marginally altered compared to the other option. Their goal is to make that option with the better margin to look like a better deal.

4. Unorganized malls. Have you ever had a hard time finding your way around in a big mall? That’s exactly what they want you to have. If you have problems to find your way around there is a big chance of you moving around slower. If you move around slower there is a better chance that you will do some deals on impulse.

5. Social proof. People want their “LIKES”..

We just had a massive lunch with family, friends and relatives. Very nice with holidays when everybody has time to hang out. Now I’m off to have a look at some newly built houses for inspiration. Have a nice Sunday! And Monday! Monday is off here in Sweden :)