My girlfriends Ford Mustang

I’m too proud to tell this to her face but I’m actually impressed by her old American “wanna be” sports car.. It’s a 2001 Ford Mustang and I love it :)

ford mustang

ford mustang2

I love it because it’s been helping us out more than I could ever have imagined. It always works and I’m pretty sure it helped keep my girlfriend single until I entered the scene. It also kept taking me to and from the workshop where my big truck spent most of it’s time.. So instead of trusting mine, or any other truck for that matter, my girlfriend hooked her sports car up with a trailer and we have used it for EVERYTHING. There is something very nice about that.

Mind you, there are a few reasons to fight the love for a car like this..

The 2001 Ford Mustang we are driving around in has a poor and sluggish v6 engine that sounds terrible and shakes the whole car. The transmission is rough and super slow. The interior is so plain and boring that the control panel of a 30 year old washing machine looks futuristic. The gas mileage is poor and they’re everything you touch feels cheap.

Pretty cool how a car with so many faults can still win. It almost annoys me a bit. Turns out all you need to get by is something boring, American built with comfortable seats. And a trailer :)

ps. We used the car and the trailer to go pick up new air conditioners in this VIDEO