On it’s way

I don’t know why, but I really liked the old NSX. And now, there is a new version coming. I truly hope it is a good car. I want it to be extremely good. Too cool for school good.

It looks great. Probably better than the old one. But the old model was cool in it’s not so beautiful design. Timeless. Another big leak in the new car is Ayrton Sennas involvement. He was the maddest of all F1 drivers but sadly passed away, so for this new model, Honda has a little less something about it.

I know there is a new season of Top Gear coming up after new years. Let’s hope they give the NSX a proper test. If it’s very very good, I might even get one.

But before anyone of you spend too much money on cars, know that they are a very expensive luxury. Even mediocre cars use tons of money in depreciation, maintenance and stuff. It might help increase your confidence, but it’s a little bit fake. Get real confidence, real money, then it might be time to get a real car.