The foundation is expenxive

A big part of a new house is the foundation. More so in Scandinavia and other colder parts of the world than Florida or Spain. The reason is its sophisticated insulation, wiring, plumbing and very often heating. Having hot water running in pipes in the foundation heats up the whole cement block which provides a very even warmth to the house.

So, how much is a modern foundation and what can be done to save some money? The price usually ends up around 1 800 SEK/ m2 (225 USD/ 10 SqFt). That includes floor heating etc. As you can imagine, this ends up being a substantial amount for a normal size house.

What about saving money? Can that be done? Well. Yes. First off, make sure to have at least 5 different companies come out and give you an estimate. Choose the contractors wisely. If you are up for it, do some of the stuff yourself. It’s pretty straight forward and tons of guides available. Make sure to compare the cement prices from the different companies available in your area. Read up on how a foundation is made so you can follow the progress and be kind to the people you hire :)




Have a great day!