New site. Could work?

They have a pretty good idea and I’m sure that there are people out there willing to use these kinds of services. Nooks wants to promote apartments that might be for sale.

Think about it. You can have your apartment listed for years to see if any good bids by people you would enjoy selling to come up. The potential buyers also get a lot more time to think the process over and make their decision. No regular open houses or home styling, just show it to buyers you might like whenever you feel like it. It’s cheap too, as Nooks helps with the photos, ad, contracts and signing for 1% of the sales price (paid by the buyer on top of the agreed price). No realtor.

In Stockholm, where they are launching this site the market is extremely hot at the moment. Most apartments that go up for sale are sold within days and almost 25% of all apartments are sold before they have even had an open house.



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